4 Easy Tips to Makeover Your Instagram Bio


“What’s your Instagram?”

Are you asked this question a lot?

These days, I find myself answering this question more in both social and professional settings.

With over 700 million monthly active users on Instagram and 400 million daily active users, you cannot afford to ignore the platform. Instagram now serves as a variety of things for many people—a virtual business card, portfolio, a channel to market your brand and/or service, and even a place to meet your “bae”.

And, just for the record, this has never happened to me, but it’s very possible. Lol, so keep hope alive single Instagrammers.

However you choose to use Instagram, I want to help you make the best introduction you can with these 4 tips for improving your bio.


1. Your profile image matters. 

Yes, this is self-explanatory, but people overlook this very important step.

How can you expect to grow a following on Instagram when your profile photo is *cough* *cough* not cute or even relatable to you?

Make sure your profile photo is a GOOD and ACCURATE picture of you. There is nothing more confusing than trying to determine if you are following the right person you met at an event when in person they look NOTHING like they do online. Filters and editing apps are good in their place but don't be misleading. 

Advanced Tip: Choose your favorite photo of yourself and make it the same profile image for all your social media accounts. This will allow your brand to be viewed consistent, which is a major key online. 


2. Eliminate all the unnecessary fluff. 

Keep your bio short and concise. You want people to easily understand who you are and what you do. 

Since I offer services, I decided to reframe from using emojis and have people focus solely on the text.

This does not mean you must choose this route as well. You will need to do a little research on this by analyzing your target audience to determine if emoji use is a good fit. 

Advanced Tip: People are naturally attracted to lists because they are easier to read. Put your bio in this format to ensure people read and remember the important details about you. 



3. Add a link in your bio.

When I initially joined Instagram, my friends were my motivation. I did not have a blog or even have the slightest desire to be a business owner. Over the last four and half years, my life has completely changed!

Presently, this platform plays an important role in growing my business. Almost 50% of new client inquiries come from my Instagram. 

Just imagine, how many opportunities I would have missed if I did not put my website in my bio.

Are you missing opportunities to share your brand, services, music, content, and/or products because you do not have a website?

Advanced Tip: In the past, I created a bit.ly to analyze my Instagram click-through rates. The downside, whenever I wanted to share a new link I had to create a new bit.ly. Ugh, how annoying right?! But the service is free. Constantly changing my links became tedious because I had a lot of content to share. Recently, I came across Linktr.ee. It's easy to use and completely FREE. You don't have to worry about changing your links and it’s simple to use! Plus I love the design of it.


4. Add a call to action. 

Like I said earlier, I joined Instagram without any specific intentions. If you are simply using Instagram to post selfies and photos of your food that's completely fine.

But if you want to be intentional on how you are using the platform, start thinking about your why. Why are you using Instagram? I can guarantee your why is aligned with your overall purpose in life.


  • If you have an e-commerce t-shirt company, you are probably using Instagram to bring awareness to your cool t-shirt designs and drive traffic back to your website for people to make a purchase.
  • If you are a musician, you are probably using Instagram to promote your music, concerts, merchendise, and any other endeavor related to your brand. You may be driving traffic to multiple channels iTunes, a third-party ticket site, Facebook, YouTube, your website, and other places. 

To help people, get to the places you want them to go tell them. I created this within my Linktr.ee profile through my “Hire me” button.

Additionally, I set up an option for people to email me directly on my Instagram page by switching my account to the business profile.

This allowed me to access Instagram Business Tools. To do this, you will need a Business Facebook Page.

Advanced Tip: Your call to action, does not stop at your bio. Include them in your post caption. You wrote a new blog, write a snippet of it in your caption and tell people to read more by clicking your bio. You released new music, upload a snippet video and then tell everyone to check out the full video in your bio. You added a new product to your website, upload a picture describing it in the caption. Tell your audience why they should purchase it even include a promotion then tell everyone to click the link in your bio to view it. 


Let me know if you made any changes to your Instagram bio below after reading this post. :)