4 Things to Consider Before You Start Blogging

You are probably reading this right now because you are contemplating starting a blog. I say, go for it! I truly believe you have a voice that needs to be heard online. You have a life filled with unique experiences waiting to be told. These stories possess the potential to help people. 

But before you dive head first into blogging, I want to discuss with you the basics. Often times, people skip these steps which lead to months of wasted time + effort. Here are 4 areas ensuring you will be a consistent + an amazing storyteller.

Your Why

Why do you want to start a blog? Get to the core of what’s motivating you to be brave enough to put yourself “out there on the web”. Your why has to be deeper than “I heard I can make a lot of money with a blog”. If this is your why, STOP NOW. Lol, I am kidding. Please continue reading. But, I do want you to understand making money is cool but it cannot drive your passion.

Ideal Reader

Who will be reading your blog? Why will they be reading your blog? How old are they? Are they male or female? Do they live in the city, suburb, or in the country? How educated are they? Are they in a relationship? Do they have children? 

The more you personify your ideal reader the more page views + shares you will receive. You want your blog to be the place your ideal readers flock to in herds. If you don’t know who you are writing to, you are pretty much wasting your time + will not get the results you desire.

Research Competitors

The reality is someone is more than likely already blogging about the topic you want to blog about. But guess what? There is still room for you to be great online. 

What bloggers are already writing on the topics you wish to blog about? How large are their following? What do they do besides blogging—offer courses, provide free downloadable opt-ins, podcasts, host workshops, sell eBooks, host webinars, or etc.? 

Dig deeper analyze the type of content they incorporate on their blog. Do they use mainly text, infographics, photos, and/or videos? Do they collaborate with other bloggers in your industry? How frequently do they blog? How do they market their blog posts? The more you dig deeper, you can find a way you are different + can stand out from the crowd.

Being Unique

Now that you determined how your competitors operate online, let’s focus on how you are different from them. How are you unique? What’s the single most important thing that will set your blog apart from the competition?

For instance: There are a lot of designers who blog about topics branding + business. I do want my blog to help individuals grow their brand. More importantly, I want my blog to help individuals deepen their relationship with Christ. Because I truly believe a solid relationship in Christ regardless of your industry will cause your business to grow + thrive because you are plugged into the source.

Now I want you to fully commit to your idea of starting a blog. Sign up to receive your free printable. Set aside some time to work on it + I guarantee it will really help you build a solid foundation for your blog.

What have you considered blogging about? Have you faced a struggle with getting started?