9 Free Resources to Improving Your Marketing

There are several social media options from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. How can I easily update them all while managing my busy schedule?

Having a successful social media community requires consistent and in most cases daily status updates. Buffer and Hootsuite are great tools to use for scheduling posts in a timely manner.

Buffer: Let me start by saying Buffer rocks! Buffer allows you to schedule your articles, videos, and much more to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + pages. In addition, Buffer provides you with the best times to schedule your content. Another new awesome feature about Buffer is it will suggest a mixture of posts for you to schedule on your Twitter account. You can’t go wrong with Buffer!

Hootsuite: This is one of the most popular tools used by many to manage their social media accounts. Hootsuite will help you save a lot of time.

Both Buffer and Hootsuite are free with the Basic Version. In addition, both of these tools have free mobile apps you can use on the go. Check them out!

Where do I find really cool articles to share?

Digg: I love it! I use Digg daily to find the latest articles to share for my clients. It keeps me updated with what the Internet is talking about. Digg will help you find the best stories to read and let you share them directly on your Twitter and Facebook. I recommend Digg to anyone BUT especially the person who feels as though they must be in the know. 

Where do I find photos? 

Are you struggling to find FREE Hi-resolutions photos for your website background, blog articles, or for your social media graphics?

Try these sites! I have used them all for projects.

Unsplash: Provides 10 new photos every 10 days for you to “do whatever you want”.

By:  Kristian Karlsson

Photo Pin: This collection is perfect for bloggers. Search through millions of photos and find the perfect image for your blog post.


Gratisography: New images are added weekly which you can use for both personal and commercial projects. 


PicJumbo: Daily photos are added which you can use for your personal and commercial projects.


How can I edit my photos besides using Photoshop? 

Maybe Photoshop is not “your thing”. Don’t fret! You can still edit or design images that your fans will love.

Pic Monkey: This tool is completely perfect for those who want to easily edit pictures and make awesome visuals without spending a lot of time. Pic Monkey is convenient and starts with you simply uploading an image. 

Canva: This is my go-to-site for designing images! I discovered Canva a couple of months back and have been in love every since. It's pretty simple to use. There are awesome templates assisting you with designing a wide range of things from Facebook and Twitter covers to Business Cards. 


Now, it's your turn. Which resources you use to amp up your marketing? I'd love to hear thoughts. Tell me below.