How you can discover true happiness by using my New Year’s resolution for 2015?

Today is New Year's Eve. How are you getting prepared for the New Year? What do you plan to do differently next year than you did last year? Do you really want a change in your life for the good in 2015 or are you content where you are? For 2014, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to “change” my relationship with Jesus Christ. I wanted to be a better and happier person.

As a long-time Christian, I knew in order for this to happen, I had to address my spiritual side. Often, we find ourselves fixing the physical appearance, but fail to address ourselves from within. Being attractive means nothing if you are not right on the inside. What does it profit you to have a good job, cool car, nice outfit, your hair, face, and nails “on fleek”  (means on-point) as the hipsters say, if you are not happy? I wanted true and genuine happiness.

Here is how my spiritual journey to happiness with Jesus went in 2014.

The reason behind my New Year's resolution

See, in 2014, I did not want a false sense of happiness lasting only when I have money, my relationship is going well, everything is going well on my job, and my family is doing great. This is easy to obtain. This type of happiness is temporary. I wanted to be happy or at least content with myself in troubling situations such as—not being able to pay my bills, dealing with Sallie Mae, handling a bad breakup, not getting to work on a project I really wanted, enduring sickness, struggling to figure out how I would eat because I only had enough money for gas, and other horrible situations. These situations and others silimar are what recent graduates are going through every single day. 

The funny thing about social media is people can hide what they are truly going through. They can make you believe they are having the time of their lives by posting pictures of new outfits, endless selfies (I am not against selfie-taking by the way lol), turning up every weekend with friends, drinking, and other things to hide their real problems. But the reality is people are going through seriously. Some people are almost on the edge of giving up in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many saved people confessing to be a Christian, but are on the edge of giving up. I did not want this to happen to me in 2014.

After I acknowledged I wanted to be a better and happier person and this would come through being closer to Jesus, I prayed about this. I took it a step further and during altar call of the first Sunday service in 2014, I received prayer about being consistent with Jesus.

A relationship like any other relationship is work. You can’t do the bare minimum and expect to reap long-lasting benefits. I know when I am in a relationship, I expect the person I am involved with to freely spend time with me and truly get to know me. I want them to understand who I am as a person. And Jesus feels the same exact way about you. 

Things that helped me on my journey


If you are located in the Atlanta area, I invite you to attend a church service with me at my churchthe Pure In Heart Holiness Church on either Friday night (Yes, I attend Friday church service lol) or Sunday afternoon. Wherever you are living right now, make sure the church you join or currently attendingteaches the TRUE Word of God, the pastor of the church has the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit), and most importantly the pastor is loving and cares about you. 


It's imperative you set aside time to read God's word. You want a better relationship with Jesus? Increase your capacity for the Word of God through studying His word. Struggling to understand the Word of God? Before you read the word, pray:

Heavenly Father, I come to you right now for help. I am getting ready to read your word and I need your help. Please Father, help me to understand the scriptures I read. Please simplify these scriptures for me. Please give me clarity of your word. Please Father give me heavenly wisdom so I can have clarity of your word, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


In prayer, I do not always ask for things: "Lord, help me to get a car, a new job, or this or that". It's perfectly fine to ask God for things because He is the Creator of All Things. Whatever you need, He has it to give to you. HOWEVER, don't forget to seek Him.

I always begin my prayers by repenting for anything I have said, done, acted, behaved, or dressed that God was not pleased with. I pray for more of Him and less of me.

Include this in your prayer:

Jesus I want more of you and less of me. The things about me that you do not like help me to stop doing those things and behave holy and pleasing unto you.


In order for you to be closer to Jesus, be careful who you align yourself with. This is very important. You can start with good intentions, but along the way get sidetracked by individuals who are not going in the same direction as you. For me in 2014, I had to distance myself from people who pulled me away from Jesus instead of to Him. At first it made me sad cutting ties with some of my former friends, but I prayed to God to please send me friends who truly love you and are striving to get a deeper relationship with you like I am. Over time, God has been honoring my prayer! I am happy about this. :) 

Moving forward in 2015

I am so pleased about how far I have come in the Lord in 2014. I am excited to continue working on my relationship with Jesus in 2015 and meeting more 20 something year olds who share the same passion about Jesus Christ as I do. I hope this post inspired you to deepen your relationship with Jesus because you as well as myself will need Him in 2015.

Lastly, don't be afraid to be different and allow your heart to lead you to Christ.  It will be the best decision you will ever make. Trust me on this. 

Did you too work on your relationship with Jesus in 2014? What were your New Year's Resolution(s) in 2014? Did you follow through with them?