Curl Tales: Summer 2015

My inspiration.

I love creating + collaborating on inspiring projects that motivate Black 20 something year olds to be their best selves.

Previously, I spoke about my natural hair project. At the time, I called it "Curl Sisters".  But a week ago, in the middle of the night I came up with a new awesome title.

Curl Tales.

I want to truly celebrate and connect women who are embracing their natural curly, coily, and kinky hair. Curl Tales will be a collection of photography and video from the interactions of these beautiful and different women. 

In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I did not feel beautiful at all. Admittedly, I was afraid of what other people may think of my hair. Over time that feeling died, because I became confident in my own skin. 


The natural hair beauties in these photos and videos are: Asia Wilkerson (darker denim) and Zsaquera Echols. 

Asia is the Founder of Mane Style Blog, a natural hair + fashion blog. Currently, she is a junior at Savannah State University (my alma mater) majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Marketing.  If she sounds familiar, I spoke about her here. She was a student in my first Design Nyeusi's summer program.

Zsaquera and I go way back to my Savannah State days. We were extremely close then and even closer now. She is a 2013 graduate of Savannah State and a lupus survivor. Currently, she organizes events to bring awareness to Lupus. She is a fighter and I love it!

And, special thanks to my brother for taking these stunning photos and capturing the behind the scenes moments!

Check out the pictures and videos below from Curl Tales: Summer 2015.


Please leave comments below about this new project. If you are natural, share with me your story of the good and bad moments in your natural hair journey.