Quote Collection: My Utmost For His Highest- Part One [Vol. 1]


My Utmost For His Highest is a remarkable Christian daily devotional book by Oswald Chambers. I picked up the book last year during the holiday season while shopping for Christmas presents at Lifeway Christian bookstore.

Honestly, I did not know what to expect from the book but I read on the cover over 8 million people already purchased this book compelled me to check out.

Let's just say, I do not regret this decision. I included reading it in my daily routine. When I wake up, I read one of my Bible Plan devotionals from the YouVersion mobile app. Then, I read a devotional from this book. 

Today, I have officially read 30 devotionals from the book and want to share some of my favorite quotes so far.


Excerpt from "It is the lord!"

Beware of anything that competes with your loyalty to Jesus Christ. The greatest competitor of true devotion to Jesus is the service we do for Him. It is easier to serve than to pour out our lives completely for Him. The goal of the call of God is His satisfaction, not simply that we should do something for Him. We are not sent to do battle for God, but to be used by God in His battles. Are we more devoted to service than we are to Jesus Christ?

Excerpt from "The Dilemma Of Obedience"

Get into the habit of saying, ‘Speak, Lord,’ and life will become a romance (1 Samuel 3:9). Every time circumstances press in on you, say, ‘Speak, Lord,’ and make time to listen. Chastening is more than a means of discipline—it is meant to bring me to the point of saying, ‘Speak, Lord.’ Think back to a time when God spoke to you. Do you remember what He said?

Excerpt from "Look Again And Consecrate"

Many of us refuse to grow where God plants us. Therefore, we don’t take root anywhere. Jesus said if we would obey the life of God within us, He would look after all other things.

Excerpt "Transformed By Beholding"

Never let a hurried lifestyle disturb the relationship of abiding in Him. This is an easy thing to allow, but we must guard against it.

Excerpt from "Let Us Keep To The Point"

We will all feel very much ashamed if we do not yield to Jesus the areas of our lives He has asked us to yield to him.

Excerpt from "Will You Go Out Without Knowing?

Each morning as you wake, there is a new opportunity to ‘go out,’ building your confidence in God. ‘...do not worry about your life ...nor about the body...’ (Luke 12:22). In other words, don’t worry about the things that concerned you before you did ‘go out.’

Excerpt from "Why Can I Not Follow You Now?"

There are times you can’t understand why you cannot do what you want to do. When God brings a time of waiting, and appears to be unresponsive don’t fill it with busyness, just wait. The time of waiting may come to teach you the meaning of sanctification—to be set apart from sin and made holy— or it may come after the process of sanctification has begun to teach you what service means. Never run before God gives you His direction. If you have the slightest doubt, then He is not guiding. Whenever there is doubt— wait.

Excerpt from "Worship"

Worship is giving God the best that He has given you. Be careful what you do with the best you have. Whenever you get a blessing from God, give it back to Him as a love-gift.

Excerpt from "Leave Room For God"

As servants of God, we must learn to make room for Him—to give God “elbow room.

Are you currently reading any Christian related books? If yes, tell me about the book(s) in the comment section below.