Stop Worrying About Your Grid + Focus On These Instagram Features ASAP

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Just like people don’t stay the same forever, social media surely doesn’t especially The ‘Gram. Gone are the days where you concentrate all your time and effort on designing the perfect grid. Gorgeous photos will always matter on Instagram but it shouldn’t be your main priority anymore.

If you are not incorporating the latest Instagram changes and features in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on several opportunities for growth. Today, I will discuss the importance of using these newer features and changes in growing your following.

Make Instagram Stories Your Priority.

Instagram stories may have only been around for eight months. However, 200 million people are using Instagram Stories every day in comparison to 160 million daily users of Snapchat. 

One in five stories get a direct message from its viewers and approximately 70% of people watch with the sound on. This is seriously impressive engagement numbers!

The new algorithm, may decrease how often your post appears in your followers feed, but Instagram stories appear at the very top. This allows you to maintain visibility in your followers feed. This is what you want! You want to stay on your followers’ mind.

How often should you post on Instagram stories + what to post?

Claudine Cazian, Head of Entertainment Partnership at Instagram suggest brands posting 5-8 great Instagram stories per day will grow their following. 

Allow stories to complement your grid. You should post a mixture of things from:

  • behind the scene moments when you are working on a project
  • behind the scenes of a photoshoot
  • your latest blog post
  • your day to day life
  • teachable moments
  • tell a quick story
  • put a face + voice to the brand
  • ask questions
  • promotional ads
  • information about your new product

Consider the explore page when you are creating content.

Instagram wants to help you grow your awareness by giving suggestions of profiles to consider. The explore page is unique to how each user interact with the app.

“Stories” are featured at the top, “Video” second, and “Photos” are displayed last. This suggests if you want to increase your exposure and potentially be featured on the explore page you need to start working harder than ever to have a consistent flow of content for each medium.

Will this mean if you post something to your story then share a photo, and later share a video you will automatically be placed on the explore page? Nope!

However, you now have a goal to work towards when creating content.

Advanced Tip: By incorporating hashtags and location stickers with your stories, you increase your chances of appearing in local explore pages and expanding your audience.

Think engagement first.

Not only should your content be consistent, but it should be engaging! The more engaging your photo and/or video is the more likely it will be featured on the explore page, because more people will like your photo, comment, share, and save it. And, this is what you want.

The reality is people use IG by scrolling through their feed first. Therefore, make sure the first thing they view about you makes them stop, like, and comment. Regardless how dope your grid is they won’t see it first.

Thus, don’t be afraid to “mess up” your grid with an appropriate sentimental photo. Sometimes you can be so tailored focused on having a certain look you fail to share authentic moments.

The real, raw, and personal moments allow people to connect to us in a way they never have before. Show your heart. This organically builds community.


Are you using these features in your Instagram strategy?  Comment below. :)