This New Instagram Feature Will Make Your Life Better


Once again, the ‘Gram has made a tremendous change. Before you start a protest, I believe this new change is something you wanted for a while.

Consistent social media marketing requires a lot of work. To be successful online, you must first understand your target audience, then put in the time creating quality content, writing engaging captions, and interacting with your following.

As a result, many social media strategists like myself who manage multiple Instagram accounts, have hoped for years there was a way to make the Instagram posting process easier.

In the past, if you wanted to schedule posts in advance for Instagram, you could use a third-party tool to upload a photo to the app of your choice, write a caption, and schedule the post. When it was time for your photo and/or video to post, you would get a push notification. Then you had to go back into the app to share the post—the photo or video would save to your camera roll and you would copy the caption. The third-party app would open Instagram where you had to post everything.

Thankfully, you do not have to go through this tedious process anymore. You can now schedule posts with Instagram. Today, I will discuss what you need to start saving time and using this feature immediately.

Switch to Instagram Business Profile

You are only allowed to schedule posts if you have an Instagram Business Profile.

Tip: Learn how to set up your business account here

Sign up for Planoly

Image by Planoly

Image by Planoly

To schedule posts, you must work with an official Facebook Marketing Partner or Instagram Partner. I highly recommend using Planoly. It is a tool I cannot imagine living without. It allows me to visually plan my grid and makes managing social media for myself and clients extremely easy. Plus, Planoly will allow you to Auto Post on both free and paid versions.

Plan your Instagram Feed now with Planoly.

Size does matter with Planoly’s Auto-Post

  • Landscape image: 1.91 to 1 proportion. The optimal sizes are 1080 pixels wide by 566 to 1350 pixels high.

  • Portrait image: 1080 pixels width x 1350 pixels tall (8x10)

  • Minimum Resolution: 150 x 150

  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080

You cannot Auto-Post everything

Now, you cannot auto-post everything with Planoly such as: Stories, multi-image posts, videos, and locations, but I believe things will change in the future.

Keep this in mind when using the new feature

While it’s good news you can schedule posts, allow this new feature to compliment your current strategy. Do not schedule too far in the future. You want your brand to be viewed by followers as human and not salesy. Make sure you are accessible during the times you post so that you can respond to comments. Continue to make engagement a top priority by sharing sincere posts and in the moment updates.

What are your thoughts about this new feature?