I think you should go for it

charity mahone-I think you should go for it

A few weekends ago, one of my Sunday school students celebrated her birthday party at the skating rink. Being at the skating rink is always nostalgic for me. I spent my teenage summers at the local Boys and Girls Club skating at least twice a month.

When I arrived to the party, it was early in the day. The wooden floor was covered with children of all ages. Almost every 1-5 minutes, you would hear a big crash. I literally watched a little boy run into the wall full speed as if he believed the wall would move. Then, he fell on the floor instantly. While hurt, he got back up and kept skating. He kept moving. He wasn't the only one. These fearless children were running into each other, tripping over their own shadow (lol), and they kept getting up skating and smiling.

My poor sweet Destiny, the 5-year-old birthday girl, fell so much, the ref rushed to the floor and gave her a roller skating walker to train her how to skate. Eventually, she got the hang of it. She went from one step, two steps, fall to one step and another and another.

Time passed and older teens started arriving at the rink. The lights dimmed some and Destiny kept skating with her walker. The older teens towered over her itty bitty self but she didn't allow that to intimidate her. She kept smiling and skating.

Towards the end of the night, one of the staff announced a competition. They called all the ladies to the center of the floor who believed they could win.

And guess who quickly skated to the middle.

*drum roll*


At first, I along with her grandmother called her back. However, we realized we were in error. If she believed she was faster than females 3x her age, why should we stop her. We encouraged her to race. In a crowd of 60+ people, only 4 females (including Destiny) believed they were fast enough to race.

When the announcer said, ready, set, go. Destiny took off as if the finish line was filled with a bucket of candy.

We cheered her on and she did really well.

I was delighted she only fell once. That's a real testimony for her.

This moment inspired me so much.

At times, I can be the most analytical person I know. "Living in the moment" usually begins after I strategically analyze the good, bad, and ugly that can develop from the situation. I believe we are all like this to a certain degree, some more than others. But, I believe it's time for us to really go for it. As I type this, I'm preaching to myself. We can't allow the appearance of a situation or the odds against us to hinder us from pursuing the things God has placed in our heart.

This differs from one person to another. I believe God has a special assignment for all of us to accomplish and shame on us if we do not pursue it because of fear. We might fall down like Destiny did, but we have to keep getting up every single time and keep smiling.


Want to see behind the scenes video from the birthday party? Click here

What has God placed in your heart that you are hesitant to pursue?