Social Media Case Study

The woman who can make the magic happen! Charity has worked for my company Southern Equestrian for a year and a half now and from building our web site to running all of our social media she is fantastic and we are so lucky to have her!❤️She goes far and beyond for us always staying on top of everything related to our small business. We owe so much of our success to Charity’s hard work and diligence. Would highly recommend her from small to large business!

— Nicci Kirby, Founder of Southern Equestrian Life


Southern Equestrian Life came to me a bit frustrated with their social media efforts. Everything they tried to do to grow their business on Instagram and Facebook did not seem to work.

The team did not understand how their target audience used social media. Their website in their words "needed help". Lastly, it had been 21 days since their last website sale. 

- - -


  1. Performed preliminary setup and social media audit analyzing Southern Equestrian Life’s social space, approach, voice, and content strategy.
  2. Devised a marketing and content strategy to build the brand, gain awareness, and increase sales.
  3. Coordinate, distribute, and post the social media calendar for the brand-including creating visuals (Gifs, loops, promotional ads, Snapchat filters, videos for Instagram story, scheduling monthly photo shoots) and copy in the brand aesthetic and voice across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat
  4. Utilized Facebook's advanced targeting to convert fans and potential fans into customers.
  5. Developing relationships with influencers.
  6. Designed an user-friendly mobile responsive website.

- - -

The Results

  • Organically grew Instagram following from 947 to 10.7K and increased Facebook likes from 817 to 5,984.

  • New website received 333 website orders within 100 days of being launched
  • Reached over 215,000 people through organic and paid marketing tactics on Facebook and over 10,000 online store visits in 4-month period

  • Created a two-day ambassador search contest on Instagram that resulted in an increase of sales by 165%, resulted in 4,706 likes, 685 comments, and 229 new followers.

  • Secured a blogger partnership that increased sales by 36%, increased followers by 19.95%, increased likes by 21.41%, and increased comments by 222.22%.